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Dental Implants

Dental Implant Dentist at Dental Art Melbourne Are you missing one or more teeth? Having trouble with dentures or partials? Are you unhappy with your bridge? If so, Dental Implants may be the answer you are looking for. Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements used to counter tooth loss. The procedure is categorized as a […]

Invisalign – Clear Aligners – Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Dental Art, we often see adult patients who have perhaps seen their teeth move with age, or who didn’t have the chance to straighten their teeth during childhood. Conventional fixed braces are an unappealing thought for many adults, but Invisalign clear aligners offer a different and far more discreet approach towards orthodontic treatment. […]

The main tenets of biological dentistry

The most important belief biological dentists hold is that your teeth are an inseparable, integral part of your body. It means that the health of your teeth cannot be isolated from the overall health of your body. Even more, oral and dental health is a major factor which drastically influences your overall health level. The […]

The Biological Dentists’ Solution

Biological dentists work to solve your tooth problems, but not in the traditional, conservative way. They seek to approach the problem from many sides, including the nutritional aspect. The teeth and gums inside your mouth are an integral part of your body, and they work in a close relationship. Proper nutrition is essential for the […]

Biological Dentistry And The Tooth-Nutrition Connection

Most conventional dentists you come in contact with are never going to ask you about your nutrition. What you eat, how you eat and do you use any nutritional supplements is not important to them. On the other hand, dentists who practice biological or holistic dentistry are very much concerned about the food you eat. […]