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The topic about the quality of growth hormone brands and their use is very important. Nowadays many people tend to buy growth hormone, the information provided will be able to guide them and identify the benefits of a product. In order for each person to be ready for some of the risks that may accompany him when buying growth hormone, we want to offer this material. But if you always use only proven sellers, then many risks can be avoided, so it always makes sense to pay attention to the choice of the seller.


Ansomone – is a recombinant growth hormone, that is, a synthetic analogue of the somatotropin, which is produced in our body by the pituitary gland (endogenously). The synthesis process in the laboratory is very complicated, requires expensive equipment and advanced technologies, and therefore only advanced pharmaceutical plants can produce a chain of synthetic somatotropin, which fully corresponds to the natural growth hormone. 


One of the producers of Hygetropin is a man from the creators of Jintropin. Jintropin is one of the oldest and high-quality somatotropins. In practice, hygetropin is even superior to Jintropin in biological activity. 8 U of Hygetropin give the result as 9.6 U of Jintropin.

Basic properties:

  • promotes a set of lean muscle mass (including due to hyperplasia);
  • interferes with catabolism (destruction of muscles);
  • stimulates fat burning processes;
  • It is an additional source of energy (when splitting fatty acids, a large amount of glucose is obtained);
  • accelerates the healing of various injuries;
  • has a rejuvenating effect (smoothes wrinkles, enhances rich hair color, eliminates their fragility, increases the strength of nails, and so on);
  • helps the organs that are atrophied with age recover;
  • increases bone mass;
  • with open areas of growth (up to 25 years) contributes to an increase in the overall growth of a person
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • sharpening of vision;
  • improving mood, improving memory;
  • practically has no side effects.

All of the above properties of growth hormone are caused not only by its action, but also the main role of the growth-promoting effect of growth hormone is determined by IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which is formed in the liver as a result of somatotropin.


Here are the functions of Jintropin:

  • Increase muscle mass;
  • Increased muscle relief;
  • Reduced subcutaneous and visceral (internal fat, deposited between organs) fat;
  • Increase endurance;
  • Strengthening all connective tissues;
  • Increase in height (relevant only for people who have not yet closed growth zones, usually the age of 20-22 years);
  • Smoothing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity;
  • Acceleration of healing of mechanical injuries and burns.

This is not the whole list of useful properties of this drug. Instruction contains a detailed description of all the properties of Jintropin, as well as the pharmacological action and pharmacokinetics (the period of somatropin disintegration in the blood plasma, absorption, metabolic process, that is, ways of excretion from the body). You can check jintropin us review for more information.

In fact, growth hormones are now used quite often. You can buy them on different sites on the Internet, as well as in other places. We strongly recommend that you use only those sources that you are 100% sure of. Only in this way you can not be afraid to fake and always get only the best product. If you ignore this rule, then you can easily take a product of low quality, which can lead to extremely negative consequences. Now there are a lot of sellers on the market, so you should always first think about the quality of the goods.

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