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The game system Parole for roulette

To begin with, it is worth evaluating the Parole roulette system, its effectiveness and the necessity of using it in general. The ability to make small bets and still get a decent winnings makes the Parole system popular. In contrast to the Martingale system, even with the most unsuccessful development of events, you can still win good money. The strategy allows you to win over a long period of time, so for many experienced players the choice is obvious. If you are looking for a casino to play roulette and other gambling games, visit

Advantages of the Parole system

Players who have used the Martingale system probably know that, according to the rules of the system, losing you need to double the next bet. In case of rather long failures, this will lead to the devastation of the player’s bankroll. Do not forget about the limitation of the maximum bet size. The Parole system, on the contrary, obliges the player to double the bet when he wins, which makes it more acceptable. We hasten to disappoint you if you expect to use the money you win when you raise your bet, because you won’t be able to do so. Also, don’t think that you will always win.

Consider the strategy from the inside

The system involves all sorts of bets, but often players bet on colors, more/less or even/odd. First of all, it is worth distributing the size of bets at different stages, because losing will have to bet an identical amount. If you win, the initial bet is summed with the previous winnings. Won again? Then it is necessary to put the winning plus the initial bet again. With a long streak of luck this tactic will significantly increase your bankroll. Remember that by winning long and a lot, you risk losing it all just as easily, so you should decide in advance up to what period of wins and losses you will be in the process.

An example of playing with the Parole system

Suppose a user bets on black in the amount of 1 chip, then, if he wins, he will have to bet further 2 chips. Winning again, it is necessary to bet 4 chips. So it can continue to the moment to which you have decided to play. Do not get upset if luck is not so long smiled upon you. The Parole system is designed so you won’t have to worry about losing, because your next winnings will cover your losses. Basically, a player spends money on chips only at the beginning of the game. Later on, no matter how much he raises the bet, he only loses the initial investment, because the rest is the game’s bank. Remember, your victory always covers your losses.

Mathematical calculation and the Parole system

Quite often players wonder how long it will take to get their winnings, so they can start a new game as soon as possible. If you’re a risk taker, you can try up to five progressions. This will allow you to win an impressive amount, but don’t forget about the high risk of losing. Typically, players play up to 3 progressions, which allows them to win consistently, albeit for smaller amounts. Consider the Parole system from a mathematical point of view. Making outside bets, the probability of winning will be 18 to 37. Hence, the chance of winning 4 times in a row will be: 18/37*18/37*18/37*18/37 = 0.056. Converting to percentages, we get a 5.6% chance of winning 4 times in a row. The figure may not be great, but don’t forget that the winnings cover all previous losses.

How to play the Parole system?

Using this roulette strategy, tell the dealer the number of doubles you make during the game. He should be aware of how much the player is going to play, in order to distribute the bets and prizes. The effectiveness of the roulette system is unquestionable. Playing virtual roulette player will have to make bets on their own. If you prefer free slots canada, you can use this site