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The main tenets of biological dentistry

The most important belief biological dentists hold is that your teeth are an inseparable, integral part of your body. It means that the health of your teeth cannot be isolated from the overall health of your body. Even more, oral and dental health is a major factor which drastically influences your overall health level. The primary goal of biological dentists is to deal with any dental problem while cooperating with the rest of the body, leaving it in perfect harmony.

Biological dentists avoid amalgam dental fillings. It is extremely important to recognize the toxicity of silver and mercury fillings. Biological dentists always choose to work with much less toxic materials, like gold or composite resin fillings. Mercury has to be separated and isolated to eliminate any possible contamination of the environment. Certain steps and procedures while removing amalgam ensure that you are not exposed to the toxic mercury. These include alternative air sources, so you do not have to breathe through your mouth, cold water sprays to minimize vapors, dental dams to remove the risk of swallowing toxins, immediate washing of the mouth after the removal of amalgam fillings and so on.

Besides the mercury-free practice, biological dentists have a few more rules to differentiate themselves from traditional dentists. For example, they will utilize digital x-rays because of smaller radiation exposure levels.  They also strive to find the compatible material for every patient because they are aware of the fact that some people do not tolerate certain fillings like others do. Finally, biological dentists always seek non-invasive or minimally invasive methods. The key is to avoid drillings, surgery and other invasive procedures whenever possible and use natural, particularly nutritional methods of treatment. Biological dentistry aims to work for hand in hand with natural ways your body deals with health problems.