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The Biological Dentists’ Solution

Biological dentists work to solve your tooth problems, but not in the traditional, conservative way. They seek to approach the problem from many sides, including the nutritional aspect. The teeth and gums inside your mouth are an integral part of your body, and they work in a close relationship. Proper nutrition is essential for the health of your mouth. Proper eating habits not only stop tooth decay, but they also ensure a healthy gum structure, a good bite and allow for the bones to develop in the right way.

What Is Biological Dentistry?

Sometimes the wisdom of our teachers has to be placed under scrutiny. Sometimes new discoveries show us that some beliefs we held to be true are not accurate, or even completely false. Furthermore, sometimes it turns out that forgotten knowledge, forgotten and abandoned, is true. Dentistry, just like many other medicinal disciplines, advances all the time and new accomplishments and discoveries reveal new breakthroughs. Biological, or sometimes called holistic dentists, sometimes question certain medicinal techniques and methods, and introduce new ones or even re-introduce old ones.